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General Storage Household furniture. If you live in a small apartment, you can use storage furniture that incorporates many of the features of regular living room and living area furniture. A table constructed with storage cupboards in the centre, while still allowing good legroom is one probability. Sofas and chairs can be obtained with storage under the seat. A comfortable sprung cushion is located on top of a solid base, underneath which lie twin drawers for the sofa - single for the seat. Rather than footstools or coffee tables, you can use storage ottomans to relax your feet or your coffee cup. Perhaps quite a bit less good looking, but possibly much better than a bundle of linen or curtains lying in a corner of the room. Storage and Parkinson's Law. There are many different examples of storage furniture made for small homes. By buying home furniture with storage incorporated you may live comfortable in more compact homes without having to be messy.

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